Eesh. This is embarassing. But back in April 2005 I was given a weekend alone with the full Apple Garage Band suite and a keyboard. I have no idea how music works but I thought, why not give it a try? Here's what came out of that weekend, a sort-of album that I called "Trip The Light Funktastic"


  1. Answering Machine (featuring Eduardo G) - This was the voicemail of a friend of mine that I thought was funny that I added a bit of soundscape to. The tone was very much meant to invoke Tool's "Message to Harry Manback" [sadly, this song got lost]
  2. Where, O Where Has My Baby Gone? - We'd seen McCoy Tyner play about 2 or so years prior and this was very much a poor copy of that. 
  3. Climbing the Mountain - I was going for something more orchestral than what I'd usually listen to myself. 
  4. Bite the Hand that Feeds (Deep Fried Remix) -  Trent Reznor released this single on Garageband as part of a PR campaign with Apple. So I had to decide my take and I sort of went with "what if Better Than Ezra covered Trent Reznor?"
  5. Secret Agent Woman. I was going for sort of a spy theme song here. 
  6. Martha Makes Sweet Lemonade.  Funk. That's all I got to say.
  7. Fingerin' Pickin' Good Y'all.  This was an ode to those songs that just keep adding depth. Where it starts out with one instrument and then it's two then three... so I gave myself the challenge to see how many balls I could juggle, so to speak.
  8. Heather Hearts H'Alliteration (featuring Heather M). This was meant to be a sort of Crystal Method sort of song (it's definitely a poor person's Busy Child)
  9. It's My Thang.  This was a harsh hodge podge of 70s rock, some Doobie Brothers, some Elton John, some... well, there's a lot of some in there.
  10. I Packed My Funk But Forgot My Lunch. This song is a response to having seen Victor Wooten play live. My only regret is that I didn't push it farther.  (and yes, I did indeed forget my lunch at home that day)
  11. Island Getaway. This was meant to be the sort of backing track of an evil carnival barker of the damned. 
  12. Little Miss Marfie. I just wanted to put out more funk.
  13. Sara's Lebanese Dream. As the title should let you know, this song is very much a poor carbon copy of Thievery Corporation's Lebanese Blonde
  14. I Had a Dream (featuring Trey J). This was a dream / story idea that a friend had and shared with me. I added a soundscape vibe to it as well, so that it'd feel like a bookend to Eduardo's Answering Machine. 

You'll notice that pretty much everything was me trying to copy someone else. That is accurate, and to be honest, if even one song is decent than it's because I cribbed the notes.